Mayor answers call for volunteers
The Mayor is Mother
To a tea . . . Central Otago Mayor Malcolm Macpherson pours a cup of tea for Ranui Home resident Mavis Chandler (84)

From an ODT story by Steve Hepburn

Being mayor is not all about meetings and opening new town halls. It also involves those everyday tasks of pouring tea and doing the cleaning. In answer to a challenge issued by Volunteering Waikato, Central Otago Mayor Malcolm Macpherson is carrying out various tasks this week to highlight the work volunteers carry out.

He was helping out at Ranui Home in Alexandra yesterday, pouring cups of tea and making himself useful.

Dr Macpherson said the work of volunteers was always in demand and was growing all the time.

Mayors and councillors throughout New Zealand were being challenged to help in their communities from yesterday to April 21 by Volunteering Waikato.

Dr Macpherson planned to do more volunteer work.

Alexandra volunteers co-ordinator Liz Duggan said volunteers were always needed to transport the elderly and disabled to occupational therapy sessions at Ranui Home on Mondays and Wednesdays. She also said volunteers were needed to visit the elderly who did not have any friends and family in the area. Tuesday, 16-April 2002

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