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My Morso mitre machine!

Bought about 6 years ago from a picture framer going out of business, sat in a corner untouched. Until last weekend, when as part of my box-making renaissance I dug it out (well, dragged it out - it's a chunky piece of cast iron), blew off the dust and sliced my first mitre (translation for US readers - miter).

Whoa! Was that good! This is a way cool machine. Perfect mitres in hard and softwood, easily does the corners of my box parts. Why didn't I get to this years ago.

I'm slicing bare mitres, just butt glued, and will reinforce the join either internally (with a corner fillet) or by splining. I set out with the intention to make simple rebated corner joints, and will do some of those, but I do like perfect mitres, especially when the box parts are cut from a single board and the grain goes around the corners.

I like to run a decorative beading around the top edge of my boxes, and will explore the option of using that to 'hide the spline'. Not keen on the contrasting, in your face, variety. I'll cut the slots using a 2 or 3mm straight bit and a jig on my router table, and matching timber to minimise the contrast.

Here's a shot of the magic Morso

and another

A lovely piece of fine Danish engineering. Nothing beats big iron.

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