In my workshop this summer

I used to make a living making furniture. In Wales in the early Thatcher years. The boys and I filled in the odd production corner by making a bread and butter line of small boxes. I made my first box at about age 8 (still have it ... in fact, after a bit of scuffling around in the workshop - here it is!) and have put a lot of thought into production efficiencies and optimum design over the years.

I like to think that the run I'm doing now sort of captures all that. They're not 'high end' , but thousand dollar boxes are hard to sell. I'm working on the story as much as the product. Every box will be uniquely identified, a description and photo will be filed on-line, and the source and significance of the elite and rare (and heritage) materials will be included.

For old times sake, here's a box in yew that I made nearly 30 years ago in Wales - been kicking around various workshops holding a variety of collections of stuff ever since.

I'll be getting back to my bent bowl project soon. The end of that design exercise has led me to mandolin bowls, using tapered (boat-shaped) staves glued up in a shape that looks like a big-bellied mandolin. Sort of waka-like, if you wanted to be 'Pacific' about it.

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