Malcolm Macpherson
Mayor 2001 to 2010, Central Otago District

Some of these things wouldn't have happened at all
without my help

Every one of them happened with my help

Clutha Flood Recovery - About $30m of Government and Contact Energy money, applied to flood protection, property purchase, and direct compensation; pool and museum relocation; community hall refurbishment; and redevelopment of the Warehouse site in Alexandra.
As a district councillor and Alexandra community board member, I was an early champion (with many others), an outspoken public advocate, and chairman of the operations and governance committees for the life of the project

Seasonal Solutions - now a major player in the horticulture labour market, while helping many hundreds of Vanuatu families feed, cloth and educate their kids. Began as the Central Employment Trust.
I was the inaugural (and only) chairman, and kept the CET going through thick and thin - to the extent of at least once paying the GST out of my own pocket
But subsequently with with much more important contributions by recent Bledisloe Cup winner Basil Goodman, and the grower cooperative which now owns Seasonal Solutions

Apple Futures - A national project that had a big early boost from my office, with a team of growers. Picked up by the industry, now underpins the international '100% Pure New Zealand Apples' brand. Very important for all Central's growers.
Early advocate, national working party member, champion within Otago Forward, member Apple Futures board of directors for the duration of that project

Safe Lifestyles - a Central Lakes Trust-funded project - out of my office with my leadership - that commissioned research on the lifestyle choices of young people, trialed the EZHELP phone line, assembled a reference resource, and controversially lobbied for awareness of drug use in Central's schools

Irrigation - with CODC Economic Development Manager Jono Gadd, assisted Central Otago irrigators make a powerful combined case for government support - now an Irrigation NZ project

Warm homes Clean Air - a project that began in my office after some fairly pointed hints by then Dunedin North Labour MP Pete Hodgson, and then newly-elected MP for Otago David Clark.

Over the subsequent years this project has (and still is) improved the quality of life in thousands of Otago households, with multi-million dollar funding from EECA and others.

Now an Otago Regional Council project, with significant health and welfare benefits across all of Otago's winter-polluted airsheds. If I had to point to just one thing that made the most difference to the well-being of my region, this would be it. For the first couple of years there was no budget, but we found a way to fund the project, and found co-funders, and kept it going when it could easily have failed.

Project Hayes - whether you think we won or lost, hearing the evidence in Central Otago - something the government did not support, but that I argued for - added value to the outcome

Health camp - saved! A thousand-strong march through Roxburgh, promoted by me, with the support of Roxburgh community board members, in the week the board met in Wellington to decide its fate, almost certainly 'saved' the camp

Horticulture branding project - an Otago Forward project driven out of my office, intending to capture the premium value in international markets of Central Otago's apples, apricots and cherries. Now manifest as Central Otago Premium Fruit Ltd

China - building person-to-person relationships that will bring business to Central Otago. Perhaps, in retrospect, should say 'could have'?

Otago (now Southern) District Health Board - elected board member, four terms
Otago Polytechnic - co-opted board member, then full member, from March 2005 to July 2013
Jolendale Park Charitable Trust - Chairman